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Havyatt Associates provides Regulatory Management Services to the converging telecommunications and media industries.

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Regulatory Management is defined as consisting of four activities:

Regulatory policy Ultimately where a policy maker makes a decision about the scope or nature of regulation.  This is usually the Government or Parliament, but each of the ACCC and ACMA has subordinate legislative powers.

Regulatory affairs Regulatory decisions need certain actions to be put into effect.  These can include activity co-ordinated across industry (such as operational codes) or other decisions of regulators (decisions on access prices, numbering etc).

Compliance The activities necessitated inside a firm as a consequence of the regulatory policy and affairs outcomes.

Disputes This can include the highly specific “access disputes” of the TPA, or disputes between providers about how they fulfil obligations or between a firm and a regulator.

Havyatt Associates provides Regulatory Management Services listed in the column to the left.  The services are primarily delivered through the skills and expertise of David Havyatt. (for more information on David follow the link on the left).

This is augmented as appropriate by various associates who can augment these skills with expertise in technical matters, policy implementation and economic analysis. 


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